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Although Saving Tips, Managing & Making Money didn’t start as a business, as the web magazine became more solid, different companies reached out to me trying to advertise in it. At first, I thought it was something to make it interesting, but sooner than later, it became my main source of income.

Web advertising is the norm right now, and if your company isn’t investing in that kind of advertising mechanism, you’re probably losing more clients than you should. Studies even confirmed it, people nowadays spend more time in front of a computer than a TV.

Think about it, if our new generations don’t even read newspapers, why do companies keep advertising through them? I think it’s an old school mindset that needs to change if you want to reap more benefits of your business.

If you’re a company who want to advertise in our page, we have different options and payment methods. Feel free to ask and we gladly help you. There’s a contact page for you to reach out to us. We’ll gladly guide you through the process and you’ll have a nice advertise plan with our magazine.

Percy Auclair – Founder of Saving Tips, Managing & Making Money