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Saving Tips, Managing & Making Money started in 2011 as a side project of mine, but has quickly grown into a monster which I can’t control on my own. With time passing by, I’ve been forced to hire different people to help me with this company and fortunately, things turned out great.

At the beginning, these employees were just staff members and a designer. They were just the people who helped me turn my random blog into a real web magazine, but things were changing again and I had to be the one responsible for the business part of the website.

That’s when my writing focus started to fade away. I was so busy managing and finding advertising contracts that I couldn’t write as I used to. When that happened, I started to get anxious, thinking my content would suffer and my readers will go elsewhere.

But that didn’t stop me, and started to find different writers who are filling the void just fine. If you think you have the writing skills and the financial knowledge to go with it, we can work together here in the office. A remote job option is also available, you just have to contact us.

Percy Auclair – Founder of Saving Tips, Managing & Making Money